Artificial intelligence (AI) – Use Cases

When it comes to discover possibilities, without the human indulgence in machines Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to represent machine learning.  Artificial intelligence includes whatever seems an impossibility to be carried out by a machine. AI has taken neural networks of human body in ultimate utilization for any uphill task.

Beginning with optical character recognition to operating cars, all include Artificial Intelligence. Not everything you encounter is AI but every superficial thing highlighting any unusual task is AI. For example; human speech recognition is a very common depiction of AI. It has taken over a vast application for the people who are deaf and dumb. In fact, AI is helping to regain the lost senses of an individual.

A functioning retina

Similarly, AI has enforced better upgrading for human eye. Researchers have been able to prepare a retina similar to the characteristics of human or mammalian eye using neural networks and artificial intelligence. Additionally, such eye drops have been introduced in the pharmaceutical market which uses human intelligence and eradicates the problem of cataracts from human eye. Thus, minimizing the need of surgeries in most cases.

3D printing and AI

Artificial intelligence can also be considered as imitation of human noesis and functioning of body parts. For instance, hand controlled gestures and fingers of fist movement, includes AI. 3D printing has made it even more convenient to design a copy of a human body part. With the use of machine learning and implementing it on a given specimen, using a 3D printer, you can make a real state functioning human organ.

Artificial pancreas functioning

It is also useful for patients suffering from diabetes. Although there is no cure available for diabetes but precautions can be maintained. Just like other body parts, an artificial pancreas can be introduced in human body which can detect insulin levels of a patient and can introduce required amount of glucose in a patient’s body.

AI in Automation

Automation is also surcharged using AI in its emerging form of robotic process automation (RPA).

AI in Radiology

Radiology has remained a hot topic since the discovery of first radioactive element till date. Radiology helps to scan an internal view of a patient under examinations. Predictions can be life threatening as well unless your examiner is highly skilled. Artificial intelligence has also incremented the necessity of a proper examination by introducing reforms in capturing and processing of radiographic images. Nonetheless, such tasks require diversity in skills and collaboration and monitoring the change. At times, AI has proved to have better characterization and abnormality detection as compared to the oncologist working on the subsequent examination.

AI in neurology

As the most significant part of human body is brain. The power to think and plan is the biggest blessing for an individual. But what if this part encounters any disorder? The functioning of whole body gets abnormalities. In order to keep a person going, AI has also magnificently introduced artificial neural networks for the formulation of healthy human brain.

AI helping the drug addicts

Narcotics and drug intake has increased rapidly due to growing stress and depression all around us. Where rehabilitation centers have failed to assist such patients, AI can help to reduce impact and need of drugs patients use on daily basis. By imposing alarms and other precautious measures, a patient can be kept under control.

AI for Gamers

Artificial intelligence has not spared a single profession to be under its spell. Same is the case with gamers. Whether it is a strategically improvised game or a easy to go one, AI has attached beneficiaries to each one of them. AI has taken over the entertainment industry and the world famous chess is also being played using AI. Abstracts have stronger links with AI just like GO players also use AI to play, enjoy and compete with the highest levels.

Healthcare advancements by AI

AI has taken over healthcare field and dong wonders in the diagnosis, treatment and predicting outcomes even before the meditation starts. A specialized remote control device can also help to minimize headaches by sending electrical pulses. Even dementia patients can stay updated with frequent reminders through VHA. For any important message like taking of important pills or going to see a friend, a reminder alert can be set up. In short, AI acts as an assistant to many. Healthcare bots can work outstandingly better in such circumstances. For those who need a company just for the sake of work to be done can make use AI bots.

Structured and unstructured Data

AI is a specialized field which undoubtedly makes use of programming and mathematics but it most importantly depends on the well collected and synchronized data.   AI possesses well collected healthcare data and improvised analytical techniques. The healthcare data can be further divided into structured and unstructured data types. These two types further help to figure out the related implementations in this field. Machine learning methods are used for structured data including classical support vector machine and neural networks. Whereas, modern deep learning and natural language processing comes under unstructured data type.

Apps making use of AI

AI has become the part of Apple’s application such as Siri. Yes, Siri uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect and interpret voice signals received from user side and generate a response according to the command interpreted. Google’s DeepMind also makes use of artificial intelligence and ethical conflicts can be sorted.

Miraculously supervising military

AI has also aided in military operations by implementation on autonomous cars and tanks. It also assists in intelligent routing and root planning therefore, contributes in content delivery and network accessibility.

Artificial intelligence has taken over the technological world irreplaceably and very quickly. In this era of industrial revolution, the time is not far when AI bots will be taking over the usual tasks and replacing living been. As on one hand, AI has increased feasibility in many obstacles, it may also pose some hindrances to human worth on the other hand. But as long as, AII is doing good to human kind, it will keep growing.

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